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Our local customers tell us that we are the best roofing company in East Greenwich, Rhode Island because of our prompt service, familiarity with the area, ease of communication, and overall value. 

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Go No Further than Eagle Exteriors If You're Searching For The Top Roofing Company in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

When an unexpected event beyond your control causes damage to your roof, you have no choice but to fix it. But you do have full control over who you pick to install your new roof. Selecting the top roofing company in East Greenwich to install your new roof gives you control and peace of mind. While you're at it, transform your home's appearance while increasing its overall value and beauty. You may also use this chance to alter the roof's color or design. In addition to reducing energy consumption, a correctly built, waterproof, and ventilated roof guards against moisture damage. Get in touch with our team of experts at Eagle Exteriors today! We can help you get the greatest roof possible for your local property. Check out the top services we provide:

Areas We Cover in Rhode Island Including East Greenwich

Along with other remodelling services, we provide siding and roofing services in RI. For any of your repair requirements this season, give us a call. We can assist in preventing small roof problems from growing into large costs. If you put off repairs, you might potentially require a complete replacement.

ZIP Codes We Cover

02818, 02864, 02814, 02802, 02838, 02886, 02816

Are You Searching For Residential Roofing Near Me or in East Greenwich, RI?

Our roofers at Eagle Exteriors will provide new roof installations, repairs, and maintenance to help keep your house or place of business secure. Because of our reputation for high quality work and reasonable pricing, residents of East Greenwich, Rhode Island rely on us as the knowledgeable firm for both residential and commercial roofing.

We offer shingle roofing solutions, siding, gutters, fencing, and exterior painting in addition to other options as a trusted siding and roofing contractor in RI. Please get in touch with us right now if you would like a free estimate. Give us a call to find out whether we're the best choice for your upcoming home renovation project. You can schedule a time to speak with one of our contractors once you make an appointment.


The blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa is the source of algae development, which manifests as a brown to black discoloration on the shingle surface. A shingle’s ability to perform its intended purpose is unaffected by the presence of algae on it. If you’d like, you can discuss this aesthetic issue with our roofers in RI.

If you’re looking for roofing services in East Greenwich or any areas like Cumberland, Smithfield, Lincoln, Warwick, West Warwick, and Coventry in RI, Eagle Exteriors provides all of them at reasonable prices.

While one or two leaks won’t always cause an impending catastrophe, several leaks may indicate more serious harm. To safeguard your roof and prevent water from seeping under shingles and eroding at the roof deck, you should contact Eagle Exteriors – a roofing professional as soon as possible to get the leaks fixed.

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